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Our Staff

Meet our highly qualified and experienced team, who are passionate about teaching three-year-old children.
Leah Cunningham - Teacher

My name is Leah and I am the teacher here at Rowville 3 Year Old Kindergarten. 

I have been in the early childhood sector for 14 years, completing my my Certificate 111, Diploma and Advanced Diploma as I worked within the Early Years sector and in 2014 completing my Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies. 


I believe that play is a child’s work and that learning occurs during developmentally appropriate, child-centred experiences. Children learn concepts best when they are meaningful and relevant to them. We aim to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming, challenging and engaging for all children. Through observation, discussion, documentation and working strongly in partnership with children, families and our fellow educators, we offer a holistic approach to our programs that are dynamic, inclusive, child centred, flexible and high quality. Within our programs we place great importance on respect and care; both for others, our world and ourselves. I recognise the significance of the environment and natural world in our learning and livelihood and advocate for its protection and appreciation. I believe children should be supported in building connections and understanding their own self-worth in order to establish the foundations for a happy, productive life and a strong sense of identity. I aspire to provide a rich learning environment that encompasses experiences and opportunities for learning around language, literacy, numeracy, science, creative arts, musical and movement, social skills, independence and wellbeing. In supporting this learning we acknowledge the importance of play in the early years of childhood, and that children learn best when experiences are engaging, interactive and respectful of individual levels of ability and skill.

Sharon Nied - Co-Educator

My name is Sharon and I am the Co-educator here at Rowville 3 Year Old Kindergarten.


I have four grown up children ranging from 30 down to 22yrs (including 25-year-old twins). After many years as a stay-at-home mum, I studied and qualified as an Integration Aide in 2006. 

I started here at Rowville in January 2008 and really enjoyed the challenge of working in a more formal educational setting. In December 2011, I completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services. At the moment (2021) I am studying my Diploma in School Aged Children


I love my job and it is so rewarding to see these little people grow and learn so much in their time with us. I really enjoy three-year-olds – it is a very special year, supporting the children to meet many milestones in their growth and development. I understand that for many children, kindergarten is the first place they will have visited on their own, without their family. It can be fun and exciting but also a little different and new. I am still friends with parents and children from my very first group in 2008 and have made some long, lasting friendships.

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