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Children are eligible to apply for three-year-old kinder provided they turn three years old by 30 April the year they attend. However no child can commence sessions until they have turned three. The fact that your child is eligible to attend three-year-old kinder does not mean that they must attend that year. You may be able to delay your child’s attendance until the following year depending on your child’s requirements.


The Victorian Government has amended the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. These amendments mean that early childhood education and care services cannot confirm enrolment of a child unless the parent/carer has provided documentation that shows the child:

  • is fully vaccinated for their age; or

  • is on a recognised catch-up schedule if their child has fallen behind with the vaccinations; or

  • has a medical reason not to be vaccinated.

Conscientious objection’ to vaccination is not an exemption. For more information visit the Victorian Better Health website.

Applications will be entered on the waiting list using the eligibility and priority of access criteria. 

Please note that your child’s position is not confirmed at the Kindergarten until you receive written notification from our Enrolment Officer.​


When enrolling your child, we require a $60 security hold. This deposit will be refunded to you on completion of full enrolment later in the year, if you decline your offer this will not be refundable.

Click to complete the enrolment form and e-mail through to

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